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ZIG Eyewear doesn’t believe that your relationship ends with the sale of our creations. We put as much pride in customer service as we do in our designs!

We understand the Eyecare Professional’s Optical needs by standing by their side to help promote our collections, as well ensuring a seamless customer service experience.

Orders are generally delivered in less than 48 hours, and a two year warranty on both our collections, plus guaranteed availability of parts for five years.

That is not all! ZIG Eyewear is:

A reliable partner for over 20 years A Canadian company established in Montreal  Deal directly with the manufacturer  Worldwide exportations  New releases several times per year


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Download and use ZIGGY®, Jean Reno and Gens Du Monde visuals for all your publicity needs.

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For all accessory requests, please contact your representative or ZIG Eyewear head office.